Timo Swift Fucks Francisco

Dec 6 2018 - 11:14:49 PM

Studio: Dirty Tony

As the sucking continues, Francisco is eyeing the beautiful Timos cock and thinking how great it would feel in his ass. He kneels in between Timos legs and shoves his hole in Timos face.
Timo spits on the pucker to get it ready for entry. Then Timo grabs his hips, guiding the sphincter onto his stiffy. As Francisco rides his cock, Timo reaches around and strokes the thick brown uncut cock.
Ready to give himself to Timo completely, Francisco leans forward so that he gets fully fucked doggy style. Timo places his hands on his hips and begins pounding his cock deep into the velvet insides of Franciscos anus.
For his final plowing, Francisco lays on his back so that he can get a good missionary fucking. Timo slides his cock in again and looks his boy in the eye for the first time with his dick inside. His balls begin to boil and hes ready to shoot.
He brings his cock to the thick lips of his bottom and unloads a full serving of white cream sauce which Francisco catches happily in his mouth. Then Timo gets in between Franciscos legs to tickle his balls while he cums.
The purple uncut monster spits a thick load onto Franciscos chest, while some drips down the shaft and into the black bush below.
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Timo Swift Fucks Francisco

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