Summer Splash - Marcus Mojo And Caleb Colton

May 15 2018 - 11:22:52 PM

Studio: Nextdoor

It appears our friend Marcus Mojo has a bit of company this afternoon. Hes entertaining Caleb Colton, a fellow young man he met at the gym. Marcus had admired Calebs strong physique and what appeared to be a light-hearted disposition. After chatting him up for several minutes near the fountain, the two agreed to go for a swim in Marcuss backyard.After some splashing and laughing, Marcus interpreted Calebs wry, come-fuck-me glances to mean, well, come fuck me. Sure enough, Caleb welcomed Marcuss soft, juicy lips and his excited, eager tongue. They smooched in the pool, then made their way into the house. While still in the doorway, they continued making out, just before Caleb knelt down and took Marcuss now hard cock in his mouth. He slurped and enjoyed the erection thoroughly. Then it was time for Marcus to taste Calebs throbbing boner. He took it slowly first, and then bobbed fervently, feeling every bit Calebs firmness. The boys moved further in, settling on the bed. Thats where Marcus turned Caleb around and slid his swollen dick into his tight, waiting hole. The passion that ensued was even more intense than either had anticipated. Its gonna take more than a dip in the pool to quench the fire these two have ignited.Enjoy!

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Summer Splash Marcus Mojo And Caleb Colton

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