Rowan & Brooke Tease Brayden

Feb 10 2019 - 11:01:00 PM

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Brayden is a pretty kinky guy. There are not many things that he’s not interested in trying out over and over again. In particular, he’s a fan of watching two young hot coeds getting off with each other. Well Rowan is about as hot as hot can get and he’s down to give put on a show!

Brayden serves as the Rowan’s fluffer while and Brooke and the muscular stud focus on each other and pay him no attention. When he’s gotten Rowan nice and hard, Brooke and him get it on and Brayden jerks off looking at the hot action play out before him.

While drilling Brooke, Rowan’s eyes start to wander and land on Brayden’s hungry ass. Lucky for both of them that Brooke likes to watch too and she takes the reins to complete Brayden’s domination. She puts her panties in his mouth as she commands Rowan to fuck him harder. Being dominated by both sexy partners proves to be just the right hot concoction for Brayden and he blows a big load all over himself for one of our hottest bi-tags to date!

Rowan Brooke Tease Brayden

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