Broke Straight Boys - Giovanni and Chad Trade BJs

Mar 13 2019 - 12:59:32 PM

Giovanni came back for another shoot, because he did such a great job in his solo. I told Giovanni that I wanted to get him in a duo shoot and that I was trying to pair him up with a good fit. He is 18, straight, has a girlfriend, and very cute. When he arrived we got started filming and told him that I wanted to actually pair him up with Chad. As soon as Chad heard his name, he came in the room and took a seat on the couch next to Giovanni. Chad was gay, and I wanted to have him suck on Giovanni's dick to start the scene off. Hopefully, then we could get to see the straight boy suck his first dick on camera for this shoot as well.

Giovanni seemed very up-tight and nervous as the scene started out, but I was hoping that was going to take a change. Both guys stood up and started to get undressed to get things going between them. As Giovanni took off his shirt I remembered from the solo that he was a wrestler on his college team. Giovanni took a seat on the couch, and Chad got on his knees down in front of him. That is when he started to give him head, right away Giovanni seemed to like it because his cock got even harder. Chad only had to go for a few minutes, and then I offered for Giovanni to go ahead and give it a try.

Taking his place on the floor in front of Chad, Giovanni seemed to be ready to give head for the first time. I instructed Chad to tell Giovanni what he was doing right and wrong, so that he could learn how to do it right. Chad was able to get him to deep throat, not use his teeth as much, lick, and playing with his balls. Giovanni went for a while and didn't really complain that he was getting tired of doing it. However, I stopped them at one point and had Chad go back to giving Giovanni head. In a standing position it was hot to get to see the body frame that Giovanni had. He had some muscle tone in his upper chest, and some very nice pelvic lines that were sticking out. I told him to put his hand on the back of Chad's neck to make him down to fuck his face.

Chad seems to be my number one model that I have to suck cock, and get his lips all the way down to the base on whatever model I pair him up with. This is great, because any straight guy always seems to get a rock hard cock with him. After a while of oral going on, I knew that I wanted to start to get Giovanni ready for a cum shot. So, I had Chad jerk him off with a great big handful of lube. I wanted to see if Chad would be able to get him off by giving him a hand job. I had no idea if it was going to be possible, since this was the first time that he was getting touched by another guy. Most the time the guys seem to hold back for the camera, so I told him to cum whenever he was ready. Giovanni gave me a warning that he was going to cum, and Chad lowered his face down for a facial. Cum sprayed on his cheek and I was glad to see that he got off that easy. I asked Chad if he was going to be able to bust a nut as well, and he gave me thumbs up. As soon as Chad got his face cleaned off, he told Giovanni that he had to get him off now. It took a while, but Chad enjoyed the hand job that Giovanni had been giving him. He came right on his leg, and between his legs. I hope that we're able to do another shoot with Giovanni for another scene with some more action.

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Broke Straight Boys Giovanni and Chad Trade BJs

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